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Ela Landegger

Canadian Red Cross, Co-Founder of the Tiffany Circle of Canada

Ela Landegger is a volunteer, philanthropist and Co-Chair of the Canadian Red Cross’ Tiffany Circle.

Born in New York to Polish immigrants, Ela was raised on three continents, and is currently on her way to becoming a Canadian Citizen.  She has a long family history of involvement with the Red Cross and was a recipient of Red Cross assistance herself when her family lost their home to a fire many years ago. She became involved with the Canadian Red Cross while organizing a disaster preparedness workshop for the American Women’s Club in Oakville, Ontario and is a proud advocate for the organization.

Ela received a degree in economics and French from Holy Cross, and has a professional background in public relations, marketing, finance and event management. She has been involved at the governance level with various charitable organizations in the United States and Canada.